December 14, 2015

It's been a year since I first got to know these punks. We met for the first time back in August 2015 during our training for Islamic Capital Market at Securities Commissions. Back then, we were just a bunch of clueless graduates who were still on our soul searching phase, not knowing what to do next after college. Started off as awkward tablemates during classes, our closeness slowly grows after we realized we shared quite a number of interests together - food & travel, to name a few. Next thing I know, we are already spending our weekends (even weekdays after class) together, having good food at good places or maybe just go chilling at mamak and talk about basically, anything. At times of stress, we'll find ourselves having a getaway to different towns e.g Malacca, Ipoh, even Penang. All for the sake of having a good time together, with company you know you're the most comfortable spending your days with.

I've always heard of 'friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest. It's about who came and never left'. Indeed, they are basically the living proof of  that saying. May Allah bless this friendship. Hashtag takdehal

November 03, 2015


On my last post, I was 22 and still undergoing my internship in Kuala Lumpur back then. Things have changed so much ever since, and here I am writing a blogpost after more than a year of hiatus. Traveled to some new places, experienced some significant life events, lost some people along the journey, but also gained a few new ones who surprisingly turned into the ones who means the world to me, now.

Recapping the last one year worth of events, I completed my internship and brought back a bunch of valuable experiences that I know will help a lot during my first working experience later. Before I even packed my stuff to go back to Johor for good, I was called for a graduate training program with the Securities Commissions in Mount Kiara. That eventually marks my another new journey with totally new environment and new people (I know absolutely no one there) there. From Cheras, I moved to Kota Damansara. Yeah, I know.

I must say, my life there was so magical. Kind of exaggerating, but were there even any other better words to describe  the fun I had with people there? I was given the chance to expand my friend circle with almost top notch quality graduates from various backgrounds, with sole objective of building the Islamic Finance industry locally and overseas. Ah, just remembering the good times there already make me smiling alone now. So much memories. A lot of studying, travelling and eating in between, I ended 2014 with a huge smile on my face as I have the best people with me to look forward to 2015 with.

And now it's 2015 already,

My unemployment phase was honestly a true pain in the ass, to be honest. Being home lazing around with free food and fast internet connection with zero commitments could be our ultimate dream during college days, but wait till reality hits you hard once graduated - there are loans and bills to pay, there are places you need to travel to, there are families that will start to depend on you soon, there's marriage plans, buying your first home, etc.. and all of that shouts out one and only one thing - "MONEY!"

And there is where the common phase almost all graduates will experience at one point of their lives, where Jobstreet, CVs & interviews are the overly-used words you will find lingering around you almost everyday. Not comfortable, seriously.

But Alhamdulillah, I was called to serve my state with its own economic development agency. March 2015 had witnessed this girl who used to write 'beautifool crap' in here since highschool, already turning into a working lady in just a blink of an eye - which brings us to where I stand today. Well, just another fresh graduate experiencing her first job and starting to make plans in order to climb up the corporate ladder soon.

7 years ago, I was blogging from my school library computer. I was a highschool senior.
Last year, I was blogging from my Blackberry (it used to be the 'in' thang back then, haha) from my rental apartment as a struggling student in KL.
Today, I am blogging during my lunch break at the office in Tower K, JB.

Told cha, things are way different now. Gotta go grab some subway  now, lunch break is nearing to its end already and I haven't had a single bite since last night. Till then, xoxo

April 15, 2014

Eh,masih bernyawa?

Kalau Raisya menulis kat belog, tandanya dia tengah takda Twitter. Kahkah. Well yeah, I've deactivated my Twitter account (again) few days ago because the timeline was not behaving well lately. I had posted an entry about the disadvantages of having a Twitter account not so long ago, and after a couple of months without it, I decided to go back simply because i felt really really outdated, since Twitter is basically my #1 source of news or any updates regarding my surrounding (termasuk gosip kampus terkini, astaga Rai). BUT after a few months, the regrets came rolling down the hill all over again. Menyesal reactivate Twitter T_T Kadang-kadang terasa dengan unmensi orang, kadang-kadang diri sendiri main unmensi orang dengan niat nak dia terasa, kadang-kadang rasa jelik dengan sesetengah individu yang saya rasa begitu penyibuk dan sebagainya. Hence the deactivation (again).

Eh, let's just hop to the main objective of this post now. Mari sini saya bagitau *berbisik*, IM GRADUATING VERY SOON! *tapi capslock* InsyaAllah jika tiada aral melintang, saya akan graduate Mei ini a.k.a BULAN DEPAN HOMAIII. I'm currently doing my internship and still have about a month to end it..I am beyond excited! After almost 3 years of struggling here,I finally gonna get my first degree this year. My final year has been so good to me Alhamdulillah and my grades are getting better thanks to those who helped a lot and kept their faith on me all this while. That feeling of being able to achieve your dream is just priceless, especially when you used to feel that the dream is just too impossible to reach. God, final year had really taught me a lot. Banyak sangat benda dah berlaku, dan Tuhan saja yang tahu berapa gelen air mata dah terhasil sepanjang perjalanan hidup saya kat sini. But hey, let's just keep the rest of the story for my graduation speech later, ay? :D

It took me 1/4 year to write my very first post for 2014. MasyaAllah, time is really drifting. Tak boleh janji untuk next update dalam masa terdekat sebab 1) Rumah sewa di KL tiada talian internet (cheapskate Raisya taknak labur pada unifi) 2) Hidup adalah sangat monotonous semenjak praktikal maka tiada yang indah untuk dibelog 3) Pembaca tunggal belog ini hanyalah ibu saya. Jadi buat apa nak update beliau perihal anak daranya disini kahkahkah k bye

p/s: Twitter je tutup, Stegrem masih ada (tapi tidak aktif juga - rujuk kembali sebab #2)

April 20, 2013

Twitter no more,

"Kenapa dah berhenti tweet?"

Aku tak tahu kenapa, sejak dua menjak ni, hidup aku macam serba tak kena. Macam ada masalah yang terselindung, namun aku tetap masih boleh hidu kewujudannya. Tetapi, hijabku tertutup. Aku memang tak nampak apa.

Sampailah satu hari, aku membaca salah satu blog kegemaranku dan dalam post terbaru nukilan penulisnya, dia menekankan kepentingan menjaga hubungan sesama manusia. Ya, isu ini memang bukanlah satu benda baru untuk diperkatakan, tapi tak tahu kenapa, aku terdetik hati untuk membaca dari perenggan pertama sehingga ke noktah terakhir. Khusyuk, aku fahami setiap bait-bait kata yang disusun oleh penulis tersebut.

Bergenang mata.

Tak disangkal, laman sosial zaman kini boleh memberi impak yang besar dalam hubungan sesama manusia di dunia realiti, dan malangnya majoriti daripada kita menjadikannya sebagai satu platform alternatif untuk mengutarakan pendapat peribadi yang kebiasaannya berbaur negatif (cemuhan/kutukan/fitnah) rather than just speaking it loud in reality, face to face to the desired target(s). Dan aku lihat, Twitter ialah antara landasan yang paling mudah disalahgunakan oleh pengguna-penggunanya hari ini.

Hari panas. Tweet mengeluh.
Jadual padat. Tweet penat.
Traffic jam. Tweet marah.
Belum makan. Tweet lapar.
Benci orang. Tweet menghina.
Benci orang. Tweet menyindir.
Benci orang. Tweet mengutuk.
Benci orang. Tweet sinis.
Unmention sana, unmention sini.

Bila bukak Twitter, tweet-tweet sebegini lah yang paling banyak memakan ruang dalam susur masa Twitter itu. Aku tak terkecuali. Sebab tu, aku berhenti gunakan Twitter. Aku nak berhenti dari buat tweet-tweet sebegitu. Selain dari menyebabkan orang lain terasa hati dengan tweet-tweet aku yang wallahi tak ada kaitan langsung dengan mereka. Sebab selalunya, yang dituju tu takkan pernah terasa. Orang lain yang sibuk terluka hati, tersakit hati dengan tweet kita.

Habblumminallah, habbluminannas. 

Mungkin selama ini hati aku tak tenang sebab aku tak menjaga hubungan aku dengan Allah, dan obviously aku tak menjaga hubungan sesama manusia baik di alam maya atau realiti. Kerana itulah, aku cuba untuk berhenti menggunakan salah satu laman sosial aku, dan aku pilih Twitter. Aku nampak lebih banyak negativiti disana berbanding tempat lain. Aku bersyukur aku jenis yang memang memilih untuk berkawan dengan sesiapa di laman Facebook ku, aku hanya accept akaun-akaun mereka yang aku betul-betul kenal sahaja. Dan cara aku sekarang, kalau ada seseorang dalam kalangan kawan-kawan Facebook aku yang aku rasa 'tak senang' dengan cara dia, aku terus pilih untuk hide dari news feed. Senang. Tak payah block/unfriend (which is obviously will lead to a more worse case scenario), just hide. Dia pun tak tahu, kita pun dah tak sakit hati baca apa-apa dari dia. At the end of the day, kita yang selamat dari menambah dosa mengutuk/iri hati dengan orang itu :) Twitter takda features macam ni, sebab tu aku pilih untuk menjauhkan diri dari Twitter. Avoiding the timeline is the best decision.

Dan Alhamdulillah, sudah hampir tiga minggu aku tak tweet. Ingatkan susah sangat hidup kalau tak bertweet ni, rupanya hekeleh tak rasa apa-apa pun. But yea aku pun sekarang dah makin rancak di Facebook. Instagram dan Keek penghibur hati sekarang. Instagram senang hati sikit sebab banyak gambar makanan, Keek pulak banyak video baby comel. Facebook dah aman sebab dah hide mereka-mereka yang berpotensi untuk mendatangkan ketidakselesaan dalam diri ini. Alhamdulillah lah, my social network semuanya okay dah sekarang. Clean. Haha (gelak lega)

Buat dosa dengan Allah boleh taubat. Buat dosa sesama manusia, taubat diterima hanya selepas mendapat keredhaan dan kemaafan dari orang yang kita berbuat salah itu. Kalau tak sempat nak minta maaf didunia, terpaksalah merentas lautan manusia di Padang Masyar nanti semata-mata untuk mencari seorang itu. Mungkin ramai yang terasa hati dengan kata-kata aku selama ni, maka aku nak minta maaf sungguh-sungguh kepada mereka-mereka yang terlibat itu. Mungkin ada yang terasa dengan penulisan aku di blog ini selama ni, aku juga mahu mohon maaf atas kekhilafan diri ini.

Nak delete blog, memang takkan lah. Dah beberapa kali cuba, tapi tetap datang kembali hehe :)

March 26, 2013

Studying Islamic Finance in Malaysia

So here’s the Part 2. In this post, I prefer highlighting the important notes in form of points. Definitely would be easier for you to go through, right? And I will try to use the language as simplest as I can so the words would not be too confusing or hard to be understood J

The differences between Accounting/Finance/Banking

Accounting:  You make financial information reports for the companies. It involves you to prepare the statements by calculating its revenues, expenses, depreciation of assets purchased by company, and cash flows within a period of time. You are the one who prepares the balance sheets, income statements, fund flow statement and all the journal entries.  Accountants are basically the ‘calculator’ of the company. If you love playing around with numbers and figures and good in maths, this is for you ;)

*Kalau ada budak accounting yang baca ni and rasa ada salah, mohon tolong betulkan ye. I’m not from an accounting background so I basically list out based on what I understand and observe from my finance perspective. Thank you!

Finance : (This is my part! Yeay hehe) Finance is related to almost everything financial in a company or a bank. We take care of the company’s or the bank’s money by managing them through investments (through investments, chances are you will gain some profit, which is obviously a good thing!). We also help people financially by providing loans (this is only for conventional banks a.k.a non-Islamic banks), offering insurance schemes and other financial products. Finance is a good field for someone who is interested in assisting people who needs financial helps or dealing with huge amount of money every day, and love making plans and undergo endless of critical thinking and brainstorming sessions in order to make wise decisions in making more money for the companies or banks. Sila baca dengan satu napas.

Banking : It’s generally related to everything that happens in a bank only.  Pretty much the same thing with accounting and finance, but it is all under the view of the banking system only. This field is obviously makes you to work in banks only, unlike finance and accounting that have a wider choice of places to work other than banks.

* Kalau ada budak banking yang baca ni and rasa ada salah, mohon tolong betulkan ye. I’m not from an accounting background so I basically list out based on what I understand and observe from my finance perspective. Thank you!

Islamic Finance - Why it is good for you

This is from my very humble opinion, and is based on my own observations from my experience studying this course almost two years now. I'm just a couple of months away to enter my senior year/final year and to sum everything up, i do believe that this might be one of the best courses since 

  • It helps you to understand the world economy more, with an additional point of viewing it from an Islamic perspective too as well. 
  • You will learn both conventional and Islamic economics, banking and finance system. This is a huge advantage to be taken since you can double up your knowledge!
  • Learning Islamic finance will make you to learn Islam more. It gives you the opportunity to study the religion deeper, and expose you to learn extracting out solutions from the Quran itself (you'll be amazed by how Quran can give you such a complete guidance on everything! hehe) and be able to learn more on Hadiths, Sunnahs, and Islamic Law and Jurisprudence. Ilmu dunia akhirat ni oi heheh
  • You will have the chance to learn the Arabic language! How cool is that? Heheh :P
  • Islamic finance is a very ethical and always put the concept of brotherhood/helping the society as its main priority, and not just focusing on making profits only. Feel free to be more fascinated on how you can help to improve our Muslim society economically and financially through Islamic finance :D
  • By learning Islamic finance, you actually have helped everyone to perform another Fardh Kifayah :)
  • Of course on top of all reasons, insyaAllah by learning something that is based on the religion itself (in a rightful manner), Allah will bless you even more. Everything that we do in this world are all with the sole purpose of getting His ultimate blessings.
What to expect from this course?

Do expect a lot of readings first since there's a lot of types of financing products offered in Islamic finance (you have to learn and understand their procedures very well) as well as other theoretical parts such as Economics subjects, Marketing, Management and other usual business subjects. There are also some calculating subjects but its merely act as the basics everyone should know when involve in the finance field. Accounting subjects tak banyak pun don't worry, we already leave everything to the Accounting students hahaha :P Course ni lebih tumpukan pada produk-produk Islamic finance tu sendiri, and we will learn a lot on the Islamic Shariah law itself. And yes, this course is not suitable for the book smart type of students. This course demands you to make a lot of critical thinking, and forces you to think outside of the box. C'mon guys, you're going to deal with the world economy and how to fix it in accordance of the Shariah rules. You can't just sit back and memorize everything and spill them out during exams. You have to learn to apply your knowledge to the world's problem too. Bak kata Donald Trump, don't be a book smart only, be a street smart too.

Islamic finance career in Malaysia

Well, first of all, you can apply for all jobs like any other finance students (not strictly for Islamic finance only). Generally, finance jobs are quite stable, have above-average wages and generally are rewarding. And Malaysia's Islamic finance sector is growing steadily but the workforce or experts in it is somewhat diminishing or still lacking.

There are a lot of units or departments in a corporate body/bank and i'm gonna list out a few for Islamic finance in general :

  • Executive, Shariah Risk under Operational Risk Department
    • Responsible to ensure that the activities and operations carried out by the company/bank do not contravene with the Shariah
    • Identify, measure, monitor and control Shariah non-compliance risks, so as to mitigate any possible non-compliance events
  • Manager, Shariah compliance (Review & Training)
    • Responsible to develop the guideline for Shariah review process
  • Shariah Research and Advisory
    • Conduct pre-product approval process, research and vetting of issues for submission to the Shariah Committee
  • Internal Shariah Auditor
    • Perform assessments from time to time, just to ensure a sound and effective internal control system for Shariah compliance.
  • Shariah Secretariat 
    • Coordinating meetings, compiling proposal papers, disseminating Shariah decisions to relevant stakeholders and engaging with relevant parties who seek further deliberations of issues from the Shariah Committee.

Dalam bahasa mudahnya, once you're in the Shariah unit of a company/bank, you're the ones who are responsible in making sure that all activities and every products offered by the bodies are in accordance of Shariah Law. If a new product is going to be introduced, you are the one who's making the approval ;)

InsyaAllah, you dont have to worry about not getting a decent job after graduating because this field is still growing and needs more experts. From my observation, we are still lacking of local workforce since Malaysia is still importing experts from foreign countries to work here. Even my lecturers are mostly foreigners and they are actually real bankers and financial experts in Islamic finance doing part-time job as a lecturer at my university. See? Even we are lacking of local educators for this course.

List of universities offering Degree in Islamic Finance in Malaysia

i. International Islamic University Malaysia/Universiti Islam Malaysia (IIUM/UIA) 
- Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Islamic Finance (Kulliyyah of Economics & Management Sciences)
- Entry requirements here

ii. Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)
- Bachelor of Business Administration in Islamic Finance & Banking (College of Business,UUM)
- Entry requirements/Program structure here 

iii. Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS)
- Bachelor of Business Administration in Islamic Finance (School of International Business & Finance Labuan (SPKAL)
- Entry requirements/Program structure here 

iv. University of Kuala Lumpur (UniKL)  (My place! TEEHEE)
- Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Islamic Finance (UniKL Business School)
- Entry requirements/Program Structure here

v. Selangor International Islamic University College /Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor (KUIS)
- Bachelor in Islamic Financial (Banking) (Faculty of Administration & Muamalah)
- Entry requirement here

vi. Limkokwing University of Creative Technology
- Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Islamic Banking & Finance (Faculty of Business Management & Globalization)
- Entry requirements here

* This are the ones i've discovered so far. Kalau ada sesiapa yang tahu universiti-universiti lain yang ada menawarkan kursus ijazah dalam kewangan Islam, mohon share :)

Scholarships/Financial Aids

Good thing about taking finance courses are the wide variety of scholarships offered by different bodies and companies (and also banks!) because finance experts are needed in almost all companies under the finance department. Looking at the raising awareness of Islamic finance among the society today, most companies and banks have started to use the Islamic approach in handling their financial activities and also to attract and encourage customers to use the more ethical method of financing. There is absolutely no problem for non-Muslim customers to enjoy the privileges from Islamic finance too. With this new wave, more companies/banks make new offerings on scholarships in this field :)

*click on the title for more details

- MARA ( I got mine from MARA. But MARA currently does not offer any types of scholarships anymore, and substitute it into 'convertible loan', where the loans can be converted into scholarships if the student passed the required CGPA, usually 3.75 and above)
- State foundations ( e.g Yayasan Pelajaran Johor)
-  Lembaga Zakat ( e.g Lembaga Zakat Selangor)

Just listing some of the many many education financial aids out there. You can always google ;)

I dont know if there'll be any Part 3 for this. But i would love to help if there are still any inquires forwarded after this. Dont worry i don't bite :P